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Your opinions and suggestions are most welcome. To contact us, click here admin@teknikterminoloji.com and send us an e-mail.

We are constantly trying to develop our site, both in terms of the content and the services offered. In terms of the services provided, we shared numbers to letters converter with our visitors. In this tool where Euro is set as the default currency, the number typed in the box is converted into letters, in French in the Turkish main page and in English in the English version of the Site.

As for the content, we have started displaying approximately 10.000 words and expressions, along with their translations, that have been coming from you since the first day we opened this site. We try to manage our site with a simple and user-friendly design, but with the outmost functionality for translators. We strive, right from the beginning, for sharing the correct information in a free and rapid way. We will be adding new features to our site. In the meantime, we invite you to our Blog page to contribute to the development of our site with your valuable comments and suggestions.